I Love You
A flavourful sparkling GAMAY made using the ancestral method. Everybody loves the festive freshly harvested grape, strawberry and cider aromas and flavours in this fun wine, especially people who are in love. Drink it as an aperitif, with a dessert, or anytime you feel like it.
Grape variety :100% GamayTerroir :Sandy
Altitude above sea level :200 metresVineyard of origin :Plateau de Gramont
Alc. by vol. :7-8°
Serving temperature :6-8 ° C
Sparkling aromatic method during alcoholic fermentation, which is behind its low alcohol content and slight tartness.
Maturing, bottling and tasting notes
The grapes are pressed as soon as they are harvested and vinified using the ancestral fermentation method for Cerdon-style aromatic sparkling wines.
Blaceret Roy - I Love You
Château de Blaceret Roy - Thierry CANARD - 69460 Saint-Etienne-des-Oullières
Port. : 06 08 00 34 33 - E-Mail : contact@blaceretroy.fr - Site : http://www.blaceretroy.fr/