Douceur de Rose
An apéritif and dessert wine, this one night rosé is hand picked and remains sweet and tart. The sweetness from the grapes makes it really flavourful in the mouth. The rose aromas and flavours are really seductive. Keep it and enjoy it very cool at 5-8° C. It can give off a little natural CO² from in-bottle fermentation. To avoid this, all that is needed is to keep it cool at 12° C or less.
Grape variety :100% GamayTerroir :Sandy
Vineyard of origin :Blaceret-Roy table wine
Alc. by vol. :6-8°Age40 years old
Serving temperature :5 ° C
Cellaring potential :3 years
The grapes are hand harvested at the end of August they spend one night in the vat before pressing to extract the colour. Fermentation lasts 2 days then filtering is essential to remove any particles. A second filtering in February means that the wine is totally clarified before bottling. This tart rosé contains no preservatives.
Maturing, bottling and tasting notes
Is carried out by me at the château after a second filtering. This wine boasts fresh fruit aromas and flavours that include kiwi and grapefruit with a lovely tart and sweet note.
Blaceret Roy - Brut de Blaceret Roy Rouge
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