Brut de Blaceret Roy Blanc
Traditional method from the Champagne region. The bubbles burst with finesse, grapes made bubbles.
Grape variety :ChardonnayTerroir :Very deep clay with little limestone
Altitude above sea level :190 metresVineyard of origin :Blaceret-Roy table wine
Alc. by vol. :12°
Yield per hectare :60 hectolitresServing temperature :6-8° C
The manual harvest starts at the beginning of September when the grapes are ripe and golden. They are pressed as soon as they are picked, I keep the juice from the first and second pressing. The juice is cooled to 10° C to clarify it and racked to another vat, then warmed for alcoholic fermentation. Malo-lactic fermentation is at around 20° C.
Maturing, bottling and tasting notes
Traditional (champagne) method, bottled at the end of May following the harvest by a service provider, then bottle fermenting on stacks for a little under a year. The bottles are put in a riddling machine to gently convey the fermentation deposit to the neck of the bottle. This deposit is frozen and removed before the bottle is corked and the cage is put on.
Blaceret Roy - Brut de Blaceret Roy Blanc
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