Bourgogne Blanc
Selected from the best slopes. Matured in barrels, making it round and soft, this wine leaves a hint of toasted almond on your palate.
Grape variety :100% ChardonnayTerroir :Clayey
Altitude above sea level :205 metresVineyard of origin :Northeast
Alc. by vol. :12.8°Vine age :45 years old
Serving temperature :10-12° C
Cellaring potential :6-12 years
Hand harvesting is carried out during September. Low-temperature fermentation for 40 days, then fermentation finishes in oak barrels.
Maturing, bottling and tasting notes
At the château by me. The robe of this wine tends to gold, while the subtle aromas and flavours are or toasted almond and honey. It can partner fish, cheese and desserts, as well as being great as an aperitif.
Blaceret Roy - Bourgogne Blanc
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