Beaujolais Villages - Nouveau
This wine is the joy of a whole region bottled. Brimming with wild fruit, blackcurrant and blackberry, it is happiness itself in a fruity supple wine with no jarring tannins.
Grape variety :100% GamayTerroir :Sandy and granitic
Altitude above sea level :190 metresVineyard of origin :round the château
Alc. by vol. :12.2°
Yield per hectare :52 hectolitresServing temperature :12-14° C
Area (ha) :8Cellaring potential :
Enjoy it young to make the most of the aromas and flavours
Beaujolais-Villages was the first appellation in France to use the term “villages” in its name. There are 38 communes in the Rhône and Saône-et-Loire departments that label their wines “Beaujolais-Villages”. The wines here are fruity and fleshy, a reflection of the terroirs they come from. The soils are granitic and sandy. Beaujolais-Villages has a deep robe with cherry or garnet tints and a red fruit nose with blackcurrant and strawberry at the fore. A third of the wine from here is sold as Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau.
Careful hand harvest and temperature control on arrival at the vatroom. The grapes are warmed to 65° C to draw out the colour, the juice then ferments for around a week at low temperatures to retain all the fruit flavours and aromas.
Maturing, bottling and tasting notes
Carried out at the château by me. My old-style Beaujolais Villages Nouveau has a purple-blue robe.
Blaceret Roy - Beaujolais Villages - Nouveau
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